How to Write Effective Headlines and Titles

How well or badly your content performs online starts with your title. A catchy title or headline will attract readers, while a dull title will cause them to keep scrolling. When you have stellar content, don’t let that content go unnoticed because it doesn’t have a stellar title to match. Trying to figure out how to create a good title is difficult, especially for marketers who don’t have a journalism background and aren’t used to crafting catchy headlines.

A few tips about title crafting go a long way. For example, in an article about content creation, the Guardian posits that titles that are questions get a better click-through rate than other titles. Other things that work? Lists, odd numbers, and titles with eight words in them. This is great information to have, but only if you’ve already got the brainstorming skills you need to create unique, catchy titles. After all, it doesn’t matter how many statistics you know if you can’t put that knowledge to use creatively. Just because a title is also a question doesn’t mean it’s a good title and will generate clicks.

Learn how to brainstorm great titles. Effective brainstorming strategies include asking the right questions, taking cues from what’s going viral, and identifying your audience. Honing your ability to craft catchy titles won’t happen overnight; you’ll need several brainstorming sessions and some test runs before you and your team hit your stride. Learn valuable tips for title and headline creation by checking out CopyPress’s infographic about creating effective headlines below.


headlines infographic
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Effective Headlines Wrap Up

A good headline will attract readers to your content. Practice writing your headlines and use the tools provided in this infographic. Apply this knowledge to your sub-headlines too.

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    This is awesome. Good blog title is very important to increasing clickthrough rate. When creating a stellar headline the first thing I do is to arrange it like a story to evoke engagement. People want to hear how experts are rocking it.

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