Upload docs to WordPress, organize your browser tabs

This week: Upload docs to WordPress, organize your browser tabs, and more.

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September 28, 2018

Here are 10 tips I think are worth sharing this week:

  1. I use Airstory to write my blog posts. Google Docs and MS-Word are good choices too. In my write-up, I show you how to upload these various formats to WordPress, including their embedded images.
  2. A few years back I discovered Session Buddy.  It’s a Chrome browser extension that helps in organizing and managing your Chrome browser tabs. Let’s say you work on a project that requires 5 tabs. You can save these tabs under “Project-A” in Session Buddy, close all tabs and work on something else. When you resume your work on Project-A, you can reinstate your tabs in a snap. It gets even better when you work on multiple projects!
  3. For SEO purposes, you can declare links as dofollow or nofollow. To highlight these links on any webpage, you can use one of the following two Chrome browser extensions. The NoFollow extension will spot the “nofollow” links only. The next one, Nofollow SEO Link Highlighter (my favorite), will highlight both the “dofollow” and the “nofollow” links in the color of your choice.
  4. My best brainstorming tool: pen and paper. I tend to work best when writing my thoughts on a pad of paper. My second best choice: a notepad application. I use BBEdit on MacOs (free) since it can handle multiple tabs. On Windows, I use Notepad++ which handles multiple tabs and, it’s free as well.
  5. My main source for statistics: Statista. I subscribed to their free newsletter and I receive useful stats straight to my inbox. Here’s a good example of Snapchat and Twitter competition.
  6. View all tweets from any Twitter user on one page: All My Tweets.
  7. Want to generate random placeholder text when setting up a new website? Try Hipster Hipsum.
  8. For great icons, I suggest IconScout. They also offer illustrations and photos.
  9. If you are a WordPress beginner, I suggest SiteGround who can host your WordPress site. They offer reasonable pricing and provide excellent support. They are not part of the AIG group that handles the BlueHost, HostGator and the likes.
  10. This is how to Keep Your Email Safe From Third-Party Apps.

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