You will find in here the tools and resources that I use for my websites and online marketing activities. I highly recommend these products if you intend to start your website. Some of those products are meant to be used directly on your website, e.g., WordPress plugins, whereas others can be integrated to your site or they can run on your desktop. Below, I provide a short description of each tool. In several cases, I reviewed the product in a separate blog post.

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WordPress Hosting

wpx hosting
WPX powers my BuzzAndTips website. They are an exciting web hosting company that offers a great deal for your dollar. When I started my research for a web host, I was looking for: uptime, great support, excellent site speed, scalability and, affordable pricing. I obtained these capabilities with WPX Hosting. If you intend to start a new website or even transfer your existing website, you should consider them. They are fast on both the front-end (what your visitors see) and the back-end (the WordPress admin area). I highly recommend WPX Hosting.



Email Marketing

Every online marketer will tell you to build your email list. My tool of choice to manage my email subscriber list is ActiveCampaign. But why did I choose them? What’s unique about ActiveCampaign is their conditional logic implementation. Most of the time, this feature exists only in higher ticket systems (like Ontraport, Infusionsoft). With ActiveCampaign, you can segment your list in sub-lists, automate various parts of your email marketing, and more. And besides, ActiveCampaign offers affordable pricing for beginners, and it can scale up for more advanced marketers.



Keyword Research

Whenever you write a piece of content, you want it to rank in the search engines. You also want your content to be found and attract visitors to your website. Long Tail Pro will help you achieving this goal. With this particular tool, you will discover the high value and low competition keywords, you will find easy to rank for keywords in competitive niches, and you will find buyer keyword phrases in your niche market.


WordPress Backup

As soon as you are running a website, creating reliable backups is an essential task you must complete. My choice for website backups is BackupBuddy, the optimal solution for complete backups for WordPress. BackupBuddy allows you to back up every single file related to your website, with a simple restore feature that can be carried out in minutes. BackupBuddy also lets you move your websites from one host to another, or from a test site to a production site. BackupBuddy enables you to send backups to offsite locations such as Dropbox, Amazon S3 or, iThemes free Stash storage account. Please visit my BackupBuddy review for more details.


Screen Recording

ScreenFlow Telestream
ScreenFlow is a screencasting and video editing software for Mac OS/X. With this versatile software, you can record everything that displays on your screen including the audio. You can later edit your videos and audio to suit your needs. The software will let you add special effects; you can split videos into smaller segments, etc. From ScreenFlow, you can directly publish to Vimeo, Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, and Wistia. ScreenFlow is part of Telestream, a software house that also develops several other software products. You can request your ScreenFlow fully functional free trial.


Run Windows on Your Mac


Parallels enables you to run Windows on your Mac without rebooting. You can run your Mac and Windows applications side by side. You can also launch several instances of Windows and Linux on your Mac. The test bed use case: with Parallels, you can restore your production WordPress environment into a Windows or Linux virtual machine. You can then test new plugins, new themes or any change before implementing them on your live system. A very common use case: you can run Windows specific tools from your workplace on the Mac without having to buy a separate computer. The new Windows version use case: you want to try Windows 10? Simply install it in Parallels and start using Windows 10 today.


Grammar Checker

As a blogger, your focus is on creation. During your writing, Grammarly will help you eliminate most writing mistakes. It works wherever you are online. Grammarly is free and offers 150 critical grammar and spelling checks. You can also subscribe to a Grammarly premium plan that offers 100+ new advanced grammar and spelling checks, Vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and more. This tool is a must. Please see my Grammarly Review for more details.


Chrome Extensions

chrome extensions
I use lots of excellent Chrome Extensions. If you use Chrome browser, I invite you to read my blog post 57 Chrome Extensions To Improve Your Results.