Typing fast on a smartphone, task management

This week: Typing fast on a smartphone, task management, and more.

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December 07, 2018

Here are 10 tips I think are worth sharing this week:

  1. I’m not very fast at typing on a smartphone. I’ve seen people typing very quick with their two thumbs. I’m much faster on a laptop. But for my issue on an iPhone, I discovered two useful keyboard replacements: Swiftkey and Gboard (Android here). The former is from Microsoft and the latter from Google. Both are free to use and support the “glide” action or “swipe.”
  2. How do you manage your tasks? Todoist is my favorite app to manage stuff I must do. I tried several apps (Nozbe, Reminders, etc.) but I always return to Todoist.
  3. Community blog sites represent a great way to promote your blog posts.
  4. Several bloggers are having difficulty driving traffic to their website. Using chatbots can drive more organic traffic for free.
  5. I found an excellent list of words that go beyond just ‘good’. Enjoy!
  6. When someone subscribes to your website, your “Thank you” page could be enhanced with these subtle tips.
  7. In the publishing industry, dummy text is used by web designers to occupy the space which will later be filled with ‘real’ content. BlindText Generator is free to use and It offers many text variations (on top of Lorem Ipsum).
  8. Looking for a way to track your URLs in Google Analytics? Try Campaign URL Builder.
  9. Today, WordPress 5.0 was released. Should you upgrade? Find out the answers in this write up by Kinsta.
  10. To quickly calculate on a MacBook (without using the Calculator app), directly invoke Spotlight (Command + Space) and start typing your expression, e.g., 350/2

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