7 Easy Steps To Creating a Successful Blog

How to create a successful blog?

The enclosed infographics from yourescapefrom9to5.com highlights the required steps.

They are easy to follow:

Step 1. Choose a topic – see my article about how to select a niche. Pick a domain name and register it – you will get a free domain at WPX Hosting upon registration

Step 2. Choose a website platform and hosting – see my WPX Hosting Review for details.

Step 3. Install WordPress – you get 1-click WordPress install at WPX Hosting.

Step 4. Select a Theme – responsive (mobile ready), SEO ready – I use GeneratePress for this blog. Give it a try.

Step 5. Create Awesome Content – use subheadings, images, text formatting

Step 6. On Page SEO for better ranking – I use Yoast SEO plugin, it is free

Step 7. Promote your content to build audience and traffic – build a mailing list, create social media following, use hashtags, etc.


Starting a blog can be nervous and exciting all at the same time; like my daughter says it can be “nervouscited” like a holiday trip.

There is lots of content online on how to start a blog with pages and pages of overloading information. Starting a blog can be overwhelming and that’s where this infographic with 7 simple steps can help simplify the process.

Complete story at yourescapefrom9to5.com


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