Why Style Guides Are Important to Your Branding

It’s always surprising how few companies have a living style guide attached to their brands. Oftentimes they created a guide several years ago — traditionally unveiled during a rebranding — and haven’t used it or updated it since. Think about all of the changes your company has made in the past year. Did you offer a new product or service? Were there changes to the website? If so, then your style guide needed to be updated to reflect those changes and stay relevant to the company.

One way to ensure your style guide is used is by creating a committee to maintain it. This way it doesn’t fall into disrepair if the original creator leaves the company. Too often, a style guide is saved on someone’s drive and never accessed once they leave. Assemble a team of designers, writers, and coworkers who have stake in maintaining brand integrity and make sure they all have access to the living file.

This crack team should meet every quarter to review and post changes in the brand and make additions moving forward. Remember, your style guide is a living document. It will never be complete as long as your company is still in business, and it’s always on the verge of being outdated. Check out this infographic by CopyPress on The Importance of a Style Guide to learn more about this valuable tool how it can be maintained.


style guide
Style Guide Infographic provided by CopyPress


Style Guides Wrap Up

Style guides are rules that help your team representing your brand. Make sure it’s up to date and reflects your culture.

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