SnagIt screen capture, WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg prep

This week: SnagIt screen capture, WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg prep.

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October 26, 2018

Here are 10 tips I think are worth sharing this week:

  1. The target date for WordPress 5.0 is November 19, 2018. This release introduces Gutenberg, a new block-based editor. In order to prepare for Gutenberg, you can download it separately as a plugin. I suggest you run it into a test environment. I use WPX Hosting to host my WordPress sites and they offer staging areas. A staging area is a copy of your production site. Installing new plugins in the staging is wise since you don’t mess around with your production code. Brian Jackson of Kinsta wrote an excellent article on how you should test Gutenberg.
  2. As I already told you in previous letters, I use SnagIt every day for my screen captures. Techsmith just released SnagIt 2019. As always, it comes with brand new features. My favorites: create step-by-step instructions, convert your standard screenshots into simplified graphics. Check the free trial and pricing info.
  3. The team at iThemes just published a new WordPress security guide.
  4. Your Soundcloud app now integrates with Instagram. Say goodbye to screenshots. Starting today you can share your music discoveries from SoundCloud directly to your Instagram Stories. As a marketer, you can now mix and match photos, videos, audio, and illustrations.
  5. One of my favorite productivity tools is AirTable. It’s both a spreadsheet and a relational database. I use it to create project plans, strategies, marketing campaigns, migration plans, and more. AirTable is free to use for 1,200 records per base (or spreadsheet). Click on this link for my personal Airtable invitation.
  6. In one click, you can manage your Chrome extensions. With SimpleExtManager, it’s easier than ever to enable, disable and access extension options.
  7. To manage images on MacOS I use XnView. It’s just powerful. For those of you on Windows, I suggest IrfanView. Both apps are free.
  8. One of the best dual pane file managers on MacOS is Cocoatech PathFinder. This is what I use. If you work on Windows, I suggest Altap Salamander. They just kick ass. I wish it was available on MacOS. Both file managers offer a 30-day free trial.
  9. Looking for affiliate marketing news? Try the affposts site.
  10. To resize images for your website, you can use the picresize website. Your website will load faster in mobile devices with smaller images. Don’t forget to compress your images too.

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