The missing SEO extension, niche ideas

This week: The missing SEO extension, niche ideas, and more.

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November 16, 2018

Here are 10 tips I think are worth sharing this week:

1. You can have immediate insights about any website with the Mangools SEO extension. It will provide you with website strength, backlink discovery, target keywords and many more. Here is a good article discussing 9 cool things you can do with Mangools SEO extension.

2. When in search for ideas about what niche to pick, I suggest you start with Amazon best sellers listings. I also wrote an article on how to select a profitable niche.

3. If your thing is about creating digital products, then, you will get inspired by Mirasee’s Ultimate List of Digital Product Ideas That Sell.

4. Your next GIF may need some music. Here are 17 Awesome Websites To Download Free Music.

5. Still a great way to market your products: email marketing. Discover excellent cues in these infographics: 11 Excellent Email Marketing Infographics.

6. Here is a visual template on how to select your blog post titles.

7. Wikipedia has a very high domain authority (97 as of this writing). If you write a Wikipedia citation that can point back to your website, you will get a powerful backlink. And backlinks are one way to get better rankings in search engine results (SERP). You can use WikiGrabber to discover Wikipedia pages that need citations and dead or broken link replacements.

8. This gem website will help you handling text files. It can remove line breaks, create random words, convert line breaks to paragraphs, remove duplicate lines, capitalize sentences, etc.

9. By design, Instagram posts are not indexed in Google. But you can optimize your Instagram account for search engines. And while you are there, please follow my account 😉

10. Here is a list of The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs of 2018.

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