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This week: Quizzes for leads, record videos for free and more.

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Quizzes for leads

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September 14, 2018

Here are 10 tips I think are worth sharing this week:

1. Did you know that quizzes can generate leads, drive sales and grow your social reach? In my review, I provide a tour of Interact Quiz Builder. You can try it for free.

2. A quick and easy way to record your desktop screen (and your face) is by using Loom, a Chrome browser extension. It’s free to use. You can share your video via a private URL.

3. SlideShare used to be a good way to generate traffic to a website. Looks like it’s almost dead. The following article discusses alternative solutions.

4. Are you looking for fonts, themes, photos, graphics or, icons? Then, take a look at Creative Market September Big Bundle: 72 products for 96% off for a limited time.

5. Kinsta wrote 19 Proofreading Tips for WordPress Bloggers to Write Better Content. I found excellent proofreading ideas in that article.

6. Page load time is a Chrome extension that measures and displays how long it takes for a website page to load in your Chrome browser. A similar add-on also exists for Firefox.

7. For those of you who use an iPhone, please note that Apple’s iPhone Battery Replacement Plan Ends Soon.

8. I always recommend NameCheap for domain names. Currently, they have a “back to school” promotion. All domain registrations now include FREE Whoisguard privacy protection for life!

9. Here is one of the best article I found about Website Speed Optimization (11,000 words). This piece is packed with recommendations, examples and, testing suggestions.

10. Finally, how to use Google Correlate as an SEO Research Tool.

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