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Quickly check SEO monetize your website

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December 14, 2018

Here are 10 tips I think are worth sharing this week:

  1. Freshly released, SEO Minion is an SEO Chrome extension that enables you to analyze on-page SEO, highlight links (internal, external), check broken links, SERP preview your website in Google search results and, a Google search location simulator.
  2. You may already know the Loom Chrome extension for creating quick videos. Loom now has a desktop version (Alpha version) that you can try. You must sign-up for the waiting list. Be patient, I’ve been on that list for a few weeks and now have access to this handy tool!
  3. Hubspot published a list of 9 Royalty-Free music sites to help you create soundtracks.
  4. In this podcast, BobWP shows you how to monetize your WordPress site.
  5. Another list of useful Chrome extensions for communicators.
  6. If you are new to affiliate marketing, here is an Ultimate guide on how to get started.
  7. Are your apps tracking you? Here’s how to stop them.
  8. For a limited time, you can download cool Holiday and Events animated icons. As always, I recommend using Iconfinder since this is what I use for all my icons. Use my IconFinder link to get your 50% discount on the first month.
  9. There are over 200 SEO ranking signals used by Google. Here are 14 ranking signals you need to optimize for in 2019.
  10. I’m still in social media, but sometimes I feel like pulling the plug. Here’s the story of someone who did it six years ago.

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