Interact Quiz Builder: How to Craft Awesome Quizzes

Craft Awesome Quizzes With Interact Quiz Builder
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Would you like to generate leads, drive sales and grow your social reach? If so, I have good news for you. There are many ways to achieve these goals and quizzes are one of them. Today I am reviewing Interact Quiz Builder, a tool that I tested and, use on my blog.


What Is Interact Quiz Builder?

Before we dive in, let me provide a brief description of what the product is and what it can achieve.

Interact Quiz Builder is a SaaS tool. You can access it online from any device. It will enable you to craft several kinds of quizzes to attract visitors. After a visitor completes the quiz, he fills-in an opt-in form (optional), and the results are displayed.

You can either build your quiz from scratch or choose among several pre-made quizzes. You can adapt the pre-made quizzes to your needs.

Based on the quiz type, you can segment your visitors in different email lists. As we will see below, Interact Quiz Builder integrates with the most popular marketing platforms.

What Makes Interact Quiz Builder Different?

You can access Interact Quiz Builder from any device because it’s a cloud-based application. So, you can log in from your tablet and start crafting your quizzes.

All Interact Quiz Builder quizzes display wonderfully on a mobile device, not just on the desktop.

As you will see in the next sections, Interact Quiz Builder is quite easy to use, its user interface is intuitive, it offers integration with the most popular email service providers, and you can embed your quizzes everywhere (blog posts, social media, etc.).


What Are the Primary Benefits of Interact Quiz Builder?

What can Interact Quiz Builder do for you? Here is a list of its primary benefits.

  • Create quizzes You can use quizzes to grow your email list, drive sales, and increase your social media presence.
  • Generate Leads and Drive Sales using quizzes
  • Grow Your Business using quizzes
  • Customize High-Converting Templates, tailored to your business
  • Interact has over 100 pre-made quizzes that are exactly like the most popular and successful ones you’ve seen all over the place, and you can use our pre-made quizzes for your business.


What Features Are Offered by Interact Quiz Builder?

Whether you create a quiz from scratch or start with a template, Interact has all of the tools you need to begin creating successful quizzes to drive in high-quality leads.

  • Customizable Design: Customize all colors, images, and buttons to match your website and brand.
  • Personalized Branding: Add your business’ logo to make your quiz completely white-labeled.
  • Multiple Quiz Types: Choose from three types of quizzes: Personality, Assessments, and Scored (Tally) Quizzes.
  • Opt-In Form Builder: Customize your quiz opt-in form and gate quiz results.
  • In-Depth Analytics: See exactly who is taking and sharing your quiz, and how people are responding to questions.
  • Mobile-Responsive: 75% of all traffic to our quizzes comes from mobile devices, we’ve optimized the quiz experience for every size screen.
  • Integrates With The Most Popular Email Marketing Platforms: Connect your quiz to your email marketing program. Segment new leads by which quiz outcome they get, so you can follow up with each lead in a personalized way and maximize sales.
  • Social Share Buttons: Share apps on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Conversion Tracking: Facebook pixel tracking and Google Analytics tracking.


Using Interact Quiz Builder

Let’s see how you can create quizzes with Interact Quiz Builder.

The Dashboard

When you login, you will find a dashboard that contains all your quizzes. Click on the Create New Quiz button.

interact quiz builder dashboard


The following display will ask you whether you want to use a pre-built template or start from scratch.

interact quiz builder dashboard


For pre-made quizzes, you can select the category from the left pane.


Starting from Scratch

If you choose to “start from scratch,” you will select one of these three options:

interact quiz builder start from scratch


  • Assessment: Test knowledge in fun ways. Each quiz question will have one correct answer. Example: How much do you actually know about the world cup?
  • Personality: Make your own version of the classic personality quiz. Each quiz taker will see a personality type that applies to them and can be shared. Example: What kind of marketing superhero are you?
  • Score (tallied): Make your own version of a scored quiz. Each answer has a score value associated with it and each quiz taker will see receive a score that corresponds to a unique score range. Example: What is your marketing IQ?


In the following example, I selected a personality quiz:

interact quiz builder personality quiz


On the left is your sidebar. The right-hand side displays your canvas. From your sidebar, you can customize your quiz:

  • Cover: set the quiz title, cover image, quiz description and start button text.
  • Results (personalities): this is where you can create the personalities
  • Questions: create all your questions in this area


On top, you can access a Quick Menu and help videos.

The Quick Menu provides you with a four-step method to create your quizzes:

interact quiz builder four step process


  1. Branding and Styling: this is where you can choose your quiz colors, fonts and add your branding.
  2. Questions and Results: this is where you can add your questions, results, and scoring, as we have seen when discussing the sidebar.
  3. Integration: in this section, you create your email opt-in form and connect with your email service provider
  4. Share and Embed: when you are done with your quiz, you have several choices. You can share it on social media, embed it on your website, get a direct link, etc.


Note: This quick menu applies to both “create from scratch” and “pre-built quizzes”.


Let’s examine these options using a pre-built quiz.


Starting from a Template or Pre-Built Quiz

If you choose to use an existing template, you can publish it with or without modifications.

You can modify the images, questions answers, etc. I suggest that you add your branding.

As I discussed above, you can click the Quick Menu for guidance.


Step 1. Branding & Styling

To change your branding, select Branding & Styling.

interact quiz builder branding and styling


I imported my logo so it can display at the bottom of each quiz:

interact quiz builder branding and styling


You can take a look at this quiz I created. If you click on the image, you are taken directly to the Interact quiz site. Later, I will show you how to embed this same quiz into a blog post.

interact quiz builder branding and styling example


Step 2. Questions & Results

interact quiz builder questions and results

In our example, the Questions & Results section enables you to create or edit:

  • Questions
  • Results
  • Associations between questions & results (correlations)


Here is an example of typical questions and answers:

interact quiz builder questions and answers


Clicking on the “Edit Result Correlations” button will display each answer and each personality type (our example is a personality quiz). You will be able to match each answer to a personality. An answer can be paired with one or many results.

interact quiz builder questions and answers


Step 3. Integration

Once you are done with the questions and results section, it’s time to integrate your quiz to your email marketing program. This will enable you to collect emails and other info from quiz takers.interact quiz builder integration


The integration process starts with an opt-in form as follows:

interact quiz builder integration opt-in form


  1. Click on the “Enable Lead Capture” button
  2. Choose the fields you need on your opt-in form (default: Email Address)
  3. Enable or disable the “skip this step” button (disable means visitors must provide an email address to display their results)
  4. Display a privacy policy link (this could be a link from your blog or website)
  5. Save the opt-in form


Now, you must choose your integration type:

interact quiz builder integration type


Interact Quiz Builder supports the most popular email providers and they are always adding new ones. If your email provider is not part of that list, you can use Zapier for integration. I tested Zapier with MailerLite, and it works just great!

In our example, let’s use MailChimp.


interact quiz builder integration mailchimp

After you login to MailChimp, you must select an email list:

interact quiz builder integration mailchimp list


In my case, the list is BuzzAndTips.

interact quiz builder integration mailchimp list


Save your settings to connect. The next figure shows a successful connection:

interact quiz builder integration mailchimp successful connection


We achieved the first three steps. Now we are ready to publish this quiz.


Step 4. Share & Embed

To publish your quiz, you will click on the Share & Embed link:interact quiz builder share and embed


The following pop-up will display with four options:

interact quiz builder share and embed


  1. Embed: This option provides you with an embed code that you can insert into your blog post or website. You have the choice between iFrame or Javascript. I choose iFrame. You can either leave the options to default. Or you can customize them to your needs.
  2. Direct URL: You get a link to your quiz. You can use this link in your email marketing, your articles, social media, etc.
  3. Social: The social option will share your quiz with your favorite social media. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and, LinkedIn.


interact quiz builder share and embed


4. WordPress: You can share your quiz via Interact’s WordPress plugin. In my case, I prefer using the embed code.


Here is a quiz I recently published in a blog post:
Online Marketing: How Much Do You Actually Know About It?

Here is another quiz I published to social media with my branding. This quiz is embedded in this blog post with an “iFrame” directive.


Powered by



Interact offers both monthly and annual plans. You can save 40% by paying annually. All plans come with a free 7-day trial.

interact quiz builder pricing

There is even a free plan if you want to hands-on with the product.


Overall Impressions

Interact Quiz Builder will help you to generate leads, drive sales, grow your social reach and build your email list.

The product is easy to use and very intuitive. Interact has a great support team. Help videos are available straight from the dashboard. More training is available for free at their learning center.

Verdict: I recommend Interact Quiz Builder

Start today and publish your quizzes!


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  • Intuitive Interface
  • Offers multiple quiz types
  • Has over 100 pre-built templates
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Several sharing options
  • Good support and online tutorials


  • I haven’t seen any issues with Interact Quiz Builder

Craft Awesome Quizzes With Interact Quiz Builder

Summary: Interact Quiz Builder helps you create awesome quizzes that help you generate leads, drive sales, grow your social reach and build your email list.

$Free to $125
RatingRated 5 stars

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