How to Increase Visibility and SEO


The popularity of Google’s search engine makes it one of the most important tools on the internet. It presented a valuable new way for people to find online content. Some people realized that they could manipulate the search engine to get their websites on the first page of results.

Google discovered that it could do more than help people find content – it could shape the future of the internet. The company did this by making regular changes to its search algorithm. A website that used black hat SEO techniques to get a good ranking in 1998 couldn’t rely on those methods by 2006. By then, Google knew that its algorithm could influence developers to make responsible websites that improved the internet.

Changes to Google’s algorithm encouraged websites to publish high-quality content that more people wanted to read, watch, and hear. It rewarded people for removing dead links from old blog posts and punished sites for publishing duplicate content.

Today, SEO professionals know that they can help their clients succeed by following Google’s guidelines. Learn more about some of these guidelines by consulting this infographic about How to Increase Visibility & Improve Your SEO, published by CopyPress, one of the SEO industry’s leaders.


How to Increase Visibility and SEO.

The Wrap

What measures do you have in place to increase visibility and SEO?

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