Turn images to videos, blog name generators

This week: Turn images to videos, blog name generators, and more.

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turn images to videos, blog name generators

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April 13, 2019

Here are 10 tips I think are worth sharing this week:

  1. New promotion pop-ups are available with MailerLite premium accounts
  2. You can Create Anonymous Email to Protect Online Identity
  3. One of my favorite Chrome extensions: History Eraser. Deletes typed URLs, Cache, Cookies, your Download, and Browsing History instantly, with just 1-click.
  4. A great read about Mental models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions (109 Models Explained)
  5. 25 Essential Competitor Research Tools You Need to Know. Here they are.
  6. I discovered that useful app that makes videos from pictures. Ideal for posting on Instagram. Slider by Word Swag.
  7. Here is an in-depth review of WPX Hosting — that’s what I use for my websites.
  8. Convert website text to tables with the Scraper Chrome extension. See how I use it here.
  9. Here are the 4 Best Blog Name Generators to Help You Find Good Blog Name Ideas.
  10. If you do Amazon affiliate marketing, make sure you don’t violate their terms of service. See how in this article.

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