How Abandoned Cart Emails Can Re-engage Customers [Infographic]

What if I told you that you could transform all those abandoned carts, filled with heaps of merchandise that you’d rather sell versus leaving in the warehouse, with just three emails? You might not believe me, right? But three emails can work wonders to help people convince themselves that they really do need to finish their transaction—that cart abandoned because of shipping costs or second thoughts or even just conflicts with their schedules.

The thing about that shopping cart is, you know what’s in it. You know the person is already interested in it. So what do you convey to them that will change their mind? Part of it might be assuaging any worries they have on refunds, for example; you can articulate how they exchange or send it back in an email. What else can you use those cart-focused emails to do to persuade people? This graphic explains it.

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