How to Optimize Your eCommerce Website [Infographic]

Have you considered ecommerce website optimization?

You spend time updating social media and paying for advertising to bring customers to your website, but have you considered devoting some time to making sure you optimize your e-commerce website? If not, you could be wasting all those marketing efforts. If you haven’t updated your website in over two years, your website management recently changed, third-party audits note your website needs a change, or your traffic and sales are stagnant even though you’ve increased your marketing efforts, you know your e-commerce website needs optimization.

Since 51 percent of adults in the United States say they have bought something online using their cellphone, one important place to start with e-commerce website optimization is to focus on the mobile website experience. Another important area to consider is updating your e-commerce content. A few examples of optimization include crowdsourcing content creation by letting users post reviews or pictures, creating your own unique product descriptions, and updating your images to create a brand standard.

If you’re ready to optimize your e-commerce website, start by prioritizing the easy changes that will have the biggest impact on your website. However, make sure you don’t make too many changes at once. You want to control what you optimize so you can track the results. Finally, make sure you set up regular reviews that look at the visuals of the website, the results of your efforts, and your plans for future improvements. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of optimizing your e-commerce website.

ecommerce website optimization
Infographic by CopyPress & Earned Solutions


Ecommerce Website Optimization Wrap Up

The above infographic provides you with an overview on how to optimize your eCommerce website. You will find further information in this free white paper.

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