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This month, iThemes celebrate 7 years of helping protect your online work with BackupBuddy, their hit WordPress backup plugin. It’s been an amazing journey as it helped thousands or people backup, restore and move their WordPress websites.

So in celebration of helping website owners Since 2010, I wanted to offer a couple of reasons to choose BackupBuddy today ….

5 Reasons to Choose BackupBuddy to Protect Your WordPress Websites:

  1. You’re vulnerable without a WordPress backup — Backups are an essential part of digital life, especially running a WordPress website. You’re in dangerous territory if you’re not backing up your website and storing your backups safely off-site. Every WordPress website needs a backup. Period.
  2. WordPress backup, restore AND migration all in one plugin — You need a comprehensive WordPress backup strategy that allows you to backup your entire website off-site (like to Amazon S3, Dropbox or to BackupBuddy Stash), gives you the ability to restore it in the event of a mistake or server crash AND offers the ability to move your website if one day you want to change hosting companies.
  3. You can’t rely on your hosting company for backups — Simply put: you CANNOT rely on your hosting company to handle your website backups. It puts all the power in their hands and makes you their hostage, especially if you’re ready to bail on them or need to restore your website. Having a third-party backup service like BackupBuddy ensures you retain control and freedom to do what you want with your website backups WHEN you need your data.
  4. iThemes is the first and best in the WordPress backup business — iThemes stands by their team and their track record. They know what it takes to offer quality WordPress backup services because they’ve been doing it from the START when nothing like BackupBuddy existed. They’ve been and continue to be the leader in WordPress backups.
  5. 7 awesome people to support you — The BackupBuddy team has two full-time developers (Dustin B. and Gary) and five support team members (Josh, Jeremy, Dustin A., Mike and Thomas) to serve you. They know your needs and are ready to help if you need them.


And here is one more compelling reason to protect your online work with BackupBuddy …

Save 35% Off All BackupBuddy, BackupBuddy Stash & Plugin Suite Plans through March 31

ithemes backupbuddy 7 years coupon

In case you need more information, please read my full BackupBuddy review!


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