How to Create Amazing Infographics

The internet is a perfect medium for infographics. Readers find them easy to comprehend, full of good information, and even get a little entertainment in the form of creative writing and graphic design. Marketers responded to these facts by flooding social media and other outlets with their infographics in an attempt to get more customers for their product. The upshot of this is that it tends to make readers tune out instead of in due to bad writing, design, and execution. So, how do you make your infographic stand out? 

This is how you start: Create a good idea, research to give it depth, and write a story instead of explaining. An infographic is a lot like a storyboard for a TV show or a movie. An artist lays out each scene to help everyone visualize the final product. In this instance, an infographic teaches, shows, and leads the reader to the final conclusion. Along the way, you teach the reader about interesting points, trivia that relates to the topic, and compel them to look further into what’s being promoted.

It takes effort to put out a good infographic, but you reap the benefits because a good infographic has longevity. The more interesting, clever, and informative the work is, the longer it stays relevant and fresh. Use quality design elements, make it easy for the reader to learn more by contacting the business, and stand behind the work you’ve put out. Read on to learn more about what it takes to create a quality infographic and impress your target audience. 


amazing infographics
How to Create Amazing Infographics – by CopyPress


Note: In order to improve page load time (an SEO ranking factor), make sure you compress your infographic (or any image) before publishing. You can automate this process with Imagify, a free WordPress plugin. I use Imagify on this website and I am very satisfied.


Infographics Wrap Up

When creating an infographic, you must consider three main factors: the business side, the graphic design side and the audience side.

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