A Look at the Content Marketing Ecosystem

The Content Marketing Ecosystem

Reaching consumers with online advertisements has become harder than ever. In fact, research shows that about 198 million people use ad-blocking software. To make matters even worse, the number of people who block ads is growing at a steady clip. Between June 2014 and June 2015, ad blocking in the United States grew by 48 percent. In the United Kingdom, it grew by 82 percent during the same period. These statistics make it obvious: if you rely on ads to promote your business’s products and services, then you’re missing millions of dollars in potential revenue.

Instead of spending a lot of money on ads, you can invest in content marketing that reaches more people, establishes your brand as a trustworthy expert, and improves your website ranking on Google search results.

Despite the numerous advantages of using content marketing, getting good results usually requires help from a professional who knows how to craft engaging articles that make the most of search engine optimization techniques. This necessity helps explain why 84 percent of marketing agencies expect content marketing to become even more important in upcoming years.

Learn more about what marketing professionals think by checking out this whitepaper made by CopyPress. It includes perspectives from strategists, writers, graphic designers, and other pros who have years of experience in this growing industry.


Content Marketing Ecosystem

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Please take a look at the white paper from CopyPress to learn more about the content marketing ecosystem.