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blogger week in review

Every week I share some of the best blogger articles I ran across and saved for future reference.

Here is an overview of Blogger Week in Review Episode 14:

  • 30+ Travel Bloggers Earning Over 5,000 USD & How They Monetize Their Blogs
  • SEO Hero Personality Quiz – Which hero are you? (Wix SEO Challenge)
  • How to Easily Track Personal Growth
  • 12 keyword research tools and creative ways to use them
  • 30 Blogger Tips on How to Grow Blog Readership


Yes, you can travel, blog and earn money. In this article, Kach Medina is sharing with you how 30+ travel bloggers make their money.

30+ Travel Bloggers Earning Over 5,000 USD / Month & How They Monetize Their Blogs

twomonkeystravelgroupAccording to our personal experience and from the blogger income survey, there are at least ten different ways you can earn money from travel blogging if you really want to dig into it. Here we’ll explain all the different ways our surveyed bloggers earn money with their blogs. Before we get into this next part, we know a lot of new bloggers are asking this question… On average, most of our surveyed bloggers took 1 to 2 years before they started monetizing their website, but in reality, if you started blogging already knowing everything, then you could start earning a lot faster.

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Have heard about the Wix SEO competition? If not, you can learn more here. Tylor Hermanson decided to enter the contest his entry site is: Which SEO Hero. It has custom artwork, a cool quiz, an original song, etc. Also, a lot of big names in the SEO industry are buzzing about it. Here’s just a few: Annie Cushing, Aleyda Solís and Mike Arnesen. You may also be interested about in the site’s interactive content, such as voting functionality and a cool slider.

SEO Hero Personality Quiz – Which hero are you?

whichseoheroIf you’ve made it here, chances are you’re familiar with the Wix SEO Hero challenge where a (in most cases) winner-take-all prize is given to the contestant site that ranks the highest for “SEO hero” over the course of a few days in March. That’s why this site exists, but also because it’s a fun little side-project. If I’m lucky enough to outrank Wix and the rest of the competitors, great. If not, no sweat.

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Shelby Abrahamsen explains how she tracks her personal growth with a simple chart. Shelby is also proficient with bullet journals. Take a look at her site to discover wonderful ways to capture your ideas and to track your goals, projects and more.

Level 10 Life – How to Easily Track Personal Growth

littlecoffeefoxLevel 10 Life One of my favorite things about the bullet journal system is its ability to help you achieve and track personal growth. I have completed the Level 10 Life chart a few times and enjoyed it thoroughly every time. It helps me identify areas of my life that I want to improve.

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Dan Shure covers twelve keyword research tools and provides useful examples on how to use them. Several of these tools are free.

12 keyword research tools and creative ways to use them

thenextwebFor over seven years, I’ve used keyword research to consistently bring myself and clients valuable, targeted long lasting traffic. It can be one of the biggest land grab opportunities in SEO –  if you know the tools to use and how to use the tools. For this piece  I’m going to not only share 12 of the best keyword tools out there –  but ways to use them I’ve never shared anywhere else before.

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Jason Chow explains how your blog needs to have an audience that reads and engages with the content. Jason has reached out to 30 bloggers and asked them about this. In his article, he captured their feedback and shares their most useful tips.

30 Blogger Tips on How to Grow Blog Readership

webhostingsecretrevealedCreating a blog that attracts readers from coming back is every blogger’s goal. We all aware writing blog posts alone won’t get us results. Our blog needs to have an audience that reads and engages with the content.

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P.S. In case you missed last week episode 13, you can read it here.

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