Blogger Week in Review EP13 :: Open Rates, Get Paid, Infographics Curation, Contact Page, Market Research

Every week I share some of the best blogger articles I ran across and saved for future reference.

Here is an overview of Blogger Week in Review Episode 13:

  • 8 Battle-Tested Ways to Increase Your Email Open Rates
  • Make online payments easy for your freelance clients
  • Tips and Advice on Curating Infographics
  • How to do Market Research for Your Business (for Free)


Reshu Rathi at SEJournal outlines actionable email tips that will help you increasing your email open rates.

8 Battle-Tested Ways to Increase Your Email Open Rates more engaged your email list is, the more likely they are to open your emails and take the desired action. Wondering how to intice people to open your emails? Well, your subject line is the key to that. An effective subject line is like a magnet to draw in your visitors.



Bob Dunn, also know as BobWP, explains how to integrate a payment system to your website so you can get paid fast.

Make online payments easy for your freelance clients the seven years I was providing WordPress design, coaching and training, I spent a considerable chunk of time looking for ways to make it easy for my clients to pay me via my website. From experience, I found that smaller packages under $1,000 are easier to get full payment up front. Anything beyond that, the 50-percent upfront deposit is an easier sell.



Scott Scanlon of CurationSuite provides tips on how to curate infographics. CurationSuite is the product I use on this blog to easily curate contents from various sources. This post is an example of curated content.

Tips and Advice on Curating Infographics, Oh Oracle. Should I curate infographics? Some say infographics are leading to the downfall of civilization– not me– I see infographics as a path out of the dark ages of information overload.




Gigi Khaos of Strikingly gives you quick ways to conduct market research with free tools.

How to do Market Research for Your Business (for Free) you’re going to improve on your product and make sure you are providing the services and features that will turn your customers into super fans, you need to know what they think NOW. It’s called market, or customer, research.



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P.S. In case you missed last week episode 12, you can read it here.


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