Blogger Week in Review EP06 :: Landing Pages, More Traffic, Email Templates, Travel Bloggers, Amazon Associates

Every week I share some of the best blogger articles I read and saved for future reference.

Here is an overview of Blogger Week in Review Episode 6:

  • How to optimize your Landing Page
  • Drive More Traffic to Your Website
  • Emails Templates You Can Use for Your Blog
  • Blogging Secrets Revealed by Travel Bloggers
  • Amazon’s Associate Program Pitfalls



The Blogger’s Guide To Landing Page Optimization: Best Practice Tips To Get You Started

blogger week reviewYou have endless themes to choose from, social sharing buttons to decide on and oh, the fun of writing your very first blog post. You read about favicons, plugins, hyperlinks and long-tail keywords. Do bloggers need to know about landing pages?

By: @bloggingwizard




10 Quick Tricks To Immediately Drive More Traffic to Your Website

blogger week reviewDisclaimer -This is not a “write-post-share-everywhere(!!)” guide to traffic generation. This here is a collection of 10 of the more advanced, lesser known tips that ingenious marketers around the world use with aplomb to drive extraordinary amounts of traffic to their website. Your premier, timely, highly relevant content is worth a million dollars… if it’s being seen, that is.

By: @jeffbullas



Here Are All Of The Emails We Send At Drift

blogger week review“I’m stealing this email.”

That’s the line we heard from a few people who were nice enough to give us a heads up that they were, well — going to steal our welcome email copy.

Which is totally fine.

After all, good artists borrow, great artists steal (the Internet seems to disagree on whether it was Picasso, Steve Jobs, or some combination of the two, but one of them said something like that and it fits nicely here…)

By: @Drift



Our Blogging Secrets Revealed

blogger week reviewOne of the things I hate the most about people who unveil blogging secrets is that more often than not what they are doing is not a secret and is instead what most everyone is doing to begin with. So when we decided to start writing about blogging here on our site, we knew exactly what not to do. In our blogging series here on Living the Dream we want to only share useful experiments that we personally tried, and they must meet two categories: They touch on points we think most bloggers are not doing right.

By: @livingdreamrtw



Affiliate Beware: 11 Things NOT-To-Do With Amazon’s Associate Program

blogger week reviewIf you’re at all active in the Niche Hacks Private Mastermind Group, you’ll probably know me as the website monetization guy. What most people don’t know is that I’ve also done Amazon Affiliates for over five years and have actually sold quite a few successful websites. During the process of finding those 1,000+ niches and keywords, I manually visited and inspected over 2,500 different Amazon Affiliate websites and the majority of them repeat the same mistakes over and over again.




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