Blogger Week in Review EP04 :: Curation Tips, List Building, Writer’s Block, Content Creation, Outreach

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Here is an overview of Blogger Week in Review Episode 4:

  • How to Curate Content
  • How to Build Your Email List
  • 10 Tips to Cure Insidious Writer’s Block
  • 6 Simple Steps for Creating Remarkable Content
  • Blogger Outreach ~ Make it tough for Influencers to ignore you!


Content Curation: How to Discover and Share the Very Content of the most impactful, viral, influential services you can perform online is to read stuff and tell people what you like. If you’re looking for a competitive edge, a way to establish your authority, a way to get more followers, one of the best, proven paths to online success is content curation. It’s both as simple and as difficult as finding great content and sharing it with your audience.

By Kevan Lee @Kevanlee  @Buffer

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The Complete 101 Email List Building Strategies guide contains 101 insanely practical ways of building an email list. It can take you months, if not years, to grow a responsive, permission-based and spam-free audience. Lucky for you, today I’ll be sharing 101 insanely practical strategies for building an email list quickly.

By Aman Thakur @ImAmanThakur

The Complete 101 Email List Building Strategies


10 Tips to Cure Insidious Writer’s Block you’re looking for tips to cure writer’s block you’re probably ready to bang your head against the wall (or punch your computer).   Suffering through this block can be a painful, confidence-killing experience.   Even successful bloggers aren’t immune from this insidious, nasty energy that feels as intimidating as sitting in a cage with three, 400 pound tigers (I’ve suffered through writer’s block and have also sat with the tigers too….writer’s block almost made me piddle in my pantaloons more so than sitting with da kitties).

By Ryan Biddulph @RyanBiddulph

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6 Simple Steps for Creating Remarkable Content this article, I will show you the kind of results you can get by publishing top-notch content. Then, I’ll share with you 7 strategies that will allow you to get similar results. I even created a handy table of content to help you navigate: What is Remarkable Content?

By Kevin J. Duncan @kevinjduncan (Charles Bordet)

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Blogger Outreach ~ Make it tough for Influencers to ignore you! know as well as I do that blogging has grown into a real business and its success largely depends on the quality of your readers and the people you interact with. So if you connect with top bloggers and influencer, that’s sure to expand your reach big time. One of the main issues we face as bloggers and online entrepreneurs is being able to connect with the right people and get them to stick around our blogs for a long time.

By Kikolani @Kikolani (Enstine Muki)

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