The best WordPress hosting, iPhone keyboard trick

This week: The best WordPress hosting, iPhone keyboard trick, and more.

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November 23, 2018

Here are 10 tips I think are worth sharing this week:

1. After several years of blogging, I conclude that WPX Hosting is the best WordPress hosting provider. In his article, Matthew Woodward compares seven hosting solutions. His verdict: WPX Hosting wins!.

2. I recently discovered a cool tip that simplifies cursor movement on an iPhone: the space bar trick. I wish I knew this before!

3. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been using the Gutenberg editor. It works fine and it’s quite intuitive. If you are curious how it works, you take a peek a these free Gutenberg tutorials.

4. Rocket is a free emoticon finder on your Mac. Download it and give it a try.

5. Buffer released an app to help you create Instagram stories. It’s free to use.

6. In this article, I learned a way to create Google Draw template. For instance, my featured images are always 750×375 pixels. In Google drawings, I always had to start a new drawing canvas, change the settings from inches to pixels and, specify my pixel measurements. Not anymore! That tip saves me time.

7. For those of you who use Powerpoint in your presentations, here are 10 alternatives to PowerPoint.

8. To improve your Instagram skills, I suggest you read: 23 Hidden Instagram Hacks.

9. One of my favorite Chrome extensions: ColorZilla. It can be used to pick colors from an existing webpage. You can then use these colors in your own drawings.

10. Do you need to find new affiliate programs? First, install the Affilitizer Chrome extension. Next, Affilitizer will highlight advertisers with affiliate programs within Google Search result pages.

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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