Use Behavior Analysis to Improve Marketing ROI


Does your content marketing aim to drive traffic to your website, promote your brand, or create sales? Behavioral analysis can help. Delving deep into your data can help you understand your target audience. Behavioral analysis can tell you how your customers feel about your brand, how they respond to your messaging, and what factors guide their journey through your website. You can use this profound understanding of your existing market share to create irresistible calls to action and improve your social media, blog posts, and multimedia.

This infographic from the content marketing specialists at CopyPress guides you through the behavioral analysis process. The first step is to develop audience personas to better understand how your market feels about your industry, their interests and concerns, and what they know about your product. You’ll then explore trends and set performance goals and use the tools in Google Analytics to run tests and make adjustments to your active campaigns. Finally, you’ll evaluate your campaign to discover opportunities for improving your next marketing effort.

Behavior Analysis to Improve Marketing ROI

In Summary

Behavioral analysis is moving forward rapidly. Company spending on data marketing is expected to grow from six percent to eleven percent over the next three years, and the number of data marketing companies has doubled in the past year. The future of the industry includes dynamic advertising that responds to data analysis in real time, smart goals that harness predictive analysis, and machine learning that can analyze your audience and adjust offers to suit them. This is an area to watch closely in the near future.

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