72 Tips on How to Write Better Emails

Today I am sharing some of my favorite articles about email marketing. Several of them discuss what to write. One of them talks about boosting your opt-in rate. I found two posts helping you automating your email sequences. And finally, book suggestions that will inspire you on how to write emails that sell.

Editor’s Note: 03/22/2018 – I updated this article and added six abandoned cart subject lines that really work.

6 Abandoned Cart Subject Lines That Really Work

Amanda Ng of Magemail.co expands on six principles that should apply to all subject lines. She also reveals the reasons behind why people abandon carts. And finally, she provides real-world examples of compelling subject lines to recover abandoned carts. Complete story at mailmage.co

Abandoned carts continue to present real opportunities. A study by Business Insider suggests up to $2.75 trillion is recoverable for savvy e-commerce stores. At MageMail, we have helped businesses recover over $60 million of revenue for our clients from automated emails alone.

So, it makes sense for your business to put email marketing at the heart of any strategy for recovering abandoned carts.

Email Marketing Best Practices: 40 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails

Here you go, you’ve got 40 email examples to choose from that cover several tips. You can combine several of them in the same email. Complete story at getvero.com.

Yes, you need to segment your lists and yes, you should upgrade your transactional emails, but every email marketer also needs to invest time in big picture strategies like positioning, voice, value and conversion optimization. The 40 tips below may seem basic, but you’ll find many at the core of the best email marketing campaigns out there. You’ll also notice that many of the examples employ five or more of these tips in a single email. For best results, apply liberally.

The 15 Emails You NEED to Be Sending to Your Email List

I like this post about the types of emails you need to send to your email list and what to include in them. Complete story at sumome.com

You’ve been collecting email addresses like a badass, installing List Builder,Welcome Mat and Scroll Box, increasing your opt-in rates, and you’re ready to take over the world…

7 Emails You Should Send Your Subscribers (But Probably Don’t)

Here you will read the story of a guy who does things differently. It sets him apart from the other bloggers. His method helped to build an audience rapidly. Is this only due to significant content? Complete story at boostblogtraffic.com

Content is important, but plenty of bloggers put just as much time, energy and care into their content as those in the top tier, only to experience 10% of the results.

6 Abandoned Cart Email Tactics That Will Recover Abandoned Visitors

If you’ve ever exited a checkout before completing an order it’s likely you’ve received an abandoned cart email. This isn’t an easy thing to do, but there’s a reason we add items to our cart—and a reason why we chose not to buy. If you can identify these two reasons with your prospects, you’re already well on your way to writing the perfect cart abandonment email. Complete story at sleeknote.com

How to Boost Your Email Opt-In Rate by 664% in 24 Hours

This article is about how to use lead magnets and SumoMe to increase email opt-ins. It also teaches you how to create a lead magnet quickly with the 10/5 principle. Complete story at sumome.com.

After all, having a fat email list leads directly to income. And if you’re reading this article, chances are you want to see some dollars rolling in from your website.

7 Automated Email Campaigns That Win Customers and Keep Them Coming Back

Informative article about automating your email campaigns. The author provides seven examples of them and explains how these will help to keep your customers. Complete story at shopify.com.

After sending cart abandonment emails, Radley London recovered 7.9% of lost sales, Boot Barn recovered 12% of lost sales, and Envelopes.com cut cart abandonment by a whopping 40% with emails targeted at three types of abandoners.

The Definitive Guide to Writing Autoresponder Email Sequences

You will enjoy reading this article about email autoresponder sequences. An autoresponder will automate many email tasks on your behalf. This post starts with autoresponder basics. Next, it shows you how to write effective autoresponders that get results. Finally, it gives you fresh tips, tools, and tricks for maximizing your email marketing. Complete story at mikeshreeve.com.

If you’re going to take email marketing seriously (which you probably should considering it yields an average 4,300% ROI according to the Direct Marketing Association), acquiring that golden address is the start of something much bigger…

Note: My recommended email marketing tool: MailerLite.

Want to Write Emails That Sell? Read These 17 Books

This last article via blog.hubspot.com suggests books that will help you improve your writing. Acquire copywriting skills and you will improve your marketing and writing skills. I’ve read some of these books including:

  • Everybody Writes
  • Made to Stick
  • The Adweek Copywriting Handbook
  • Words That Sell

And while you can study the fundamentals of writing and master the grammar mandates, this field’s mastery comes from studying the creative masters of the craft, psychology, and storytelling.

I hope you enjoyed reading this email marketing article round up. Stay tuned as I will post more or these in future blog posts.

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