6 Top Blogging Trends In 2018

 If you don’t want your blog to get submerged in an ocean of similar blogs, then you need to make it more attractive and engaging for your audience.

In order to get more readers for your blog the first thing you need to do is create quality content and keep up to date with the dominating blogging trends of our time.

Keep reading this post where we are going to talk about 6 top blogging trends of 2018.

Video blogging

Nothing can better capture the attention of your audience like a well-made video.

While pictures are worth a thousand words, videos are literally worth a million words. If you are looking forward to engaging your audience with your offerings in the best possible way, then consider sharing interesting videos on your blog.

These days you can easily create good quality home videos with your smartphone and a basic editing software. Apart from videos, use of pictures, graphics and charts is also trending. Adding compelling images to your blog naturally makes it more attractive.

Live streaming

Live streaming is the latest fad on social media so make sure to get live with your audience from time to time.

Live streaming would give you a more intimate space with your viewers and encourage them to interact with you more often. It would allow more personal interaction with your audience in real time.

You can also share your live videos later, so that those who have missed out the live streaming can view them again. A tour of your business, a demonstration of your products or an interview with the creators are some of the possible content which can be created with a live video.

Make sure to make the most out of the apps which allows you to go live directly from the blog.

Engaging content

Content still remains the king and in order to make your blog successful, the first thing you need is solid content written by professionals. Rather than posting substandard articles every day, it’s always better to post a quality article or two every week.

Try to come up with something which will get shared by your audience. This year the trend is more towards longer magazine style posts. Some of the top rated posts of this year were over 2000 words in length so bloggers should gear up for more in-depth research and come up with detailed articles which delves deep into the topic.

Blogs are getting a design makeover

In 2018 the blogs no longer look like the typical blogs of last year, but more like a ‘Home page’ of a website with a number of links to the recent posts.

Bloggers who have the skill to revamp their pages have successfully altered the appearance of their blog to make them look like the landing page of a website. No matter whether you run a food blog or a travel blog, it’s time for you to make it up to date by giving it a new look.

Audience engagement

Since your audience is looking forward to a more personal engagement, what you need to do is create a more personal and intimate experience in your blog.

In order to make your followers reciprocate, you need to engage with them more often. There has been a marked decrease in comments on post and it has been replaced by engagement such as likes, shares and follows.

So, if you want more likes on your post and more followers for your blog make sure to connect with your audience.


One of the best ways of native advertising, telling a story can be of great help in promoting you’re a product or service through your blog.

If you can craft an interesting narrative for your audience then they are bound to keep reading it till the last.


About the Author:

Lynne Austin

Lynne Austin is a Content Marketer who formerly Worked out of EzineArticles and now doing Content Marketing for Contentmart. She is writer by day and a reader by night, She is loathe to discuss herself in the third person, but can be persuaded to do so from time to time. Find her on Twitter here: @lynnaustinn




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  1. Thanks for such a great article. In 2018, blogging would be bigger and better than ever before. In order to stay on top of the ranks, then, bloggers have to make sure they make their posts as compelling as possible. And the topics such as live streaming and video blogging are on the top as these topics are very much trending and will always be in trend. Blogging is and will remain, an essential game plan to reach your audience. It is surely a game changer as it is the must tool to grab your audience to your site. Thanks again for such a useful article.

  2. Yes i’ve seen a major change in the way blog home pages are use these days. couple of years ago bloggers were not so aggressive on building email lists etc but now the home pages are designed for conversion, list building etc..

    • Hi Heeren,

      Agree with you. Having the signup box on the home page may help collecting more leads. It depends on one’s goals.

      Like some bloggers, I don’t have a home page yet. Still pondering about it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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