57 Chrome Extensions To Improve Your Work

Are you using Google Chrome as your favorite web browser? If so, I’ve got some neat Chrome extensions to share with you that will boost your online marketing results and productivity. I categorized them as follows:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Competition Analysis
  • Drawing
  • Email Tracking
  • Note Taking
  • Keyword Search
  • Productivity
  • Social
  • Utility
  • Website Related


You can click to any of these links to jump directly to that section. All those extensions are free, except for SpyBar. I installed and tested all of them. Let’s see how useful they are.


Affiliate Marketing

Effin Amazing UTM Builder — Save time by efficiently generating Google Analytics tracking links, aka UTM tracking code.

Flash Video Downloader — Are you tired of watching embedded videos with hidden controls? Use this extension to download them to your desktop.

InvisibleHand — Automatically get the lowest price on whatever you’re buying

The Camelizer — If you are into Amazon selling, use Camelizer to view historical pricing data.



Giphy for Chrome  GIF search engine anywhere on the web.

Grammarly Spell Checker & Grammar Checker — Spell check and grammar check as you type online

Headlinr — A simple subject and headline creator extension.

LinkMiner — Checks web pages for broken links.

Pablo — Create images with the perfect size and format for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest.

TinEye Reverse Image Search — Find out the origin of a photo or picture. Avoid reusing copyrighted images by mistake.


Competition Analysis

BuiltWith Technology Profiler — The BuiltWith Chrome Extension lets you know the tools of a website with by a simple click!

IP Address and Domain Information — This extension displays detailed information about the current site. Use this information for online investigation and SEO purposes.

Link Grabber — Extracts links from an HTML page and display them in another tab. Optionally, automatically block links from a configurable list of domains.

MozBar — This toolbar from Moz lets you create custom searches, compare link metrics, highlight links, and keywords, quickly expose page elements, and access other powerful SEO tools—all in-line with your browser.

Open SEO Stats — A really SEO extension for Google Chrome to easily access the Google PageRank (PR), Alexa Rank, Compete Rank and Quantcast Rank of the current web page, in addition to getting information on backlinks, indexed pages, cached pages, socials, Whois, Geo IP location and more.

Quick WHOIS — Quickly check domains to verify who owns them.

SEOquake — Displays the Google PageRank, Alexa rank and other SEO parameters of any web page, highlights “nofollow” links, text density, check and compare URLs.

SimilarWeb — Use SimilarWeb’s browser add-on to get in-depth traffic and engagement statistics with a single click. One-Click Access to Many Website Metrics: Engagement (Visits, Time on Site, Page Views, Bounce Rate), Monthly Visits and Traffic Sources (Direct, Referrals, Search Keywords, Social Networks, Mail, Ads)  and much more.

SpyBar — Discover New WordPress Themes & Plugins, Reveal Competitor Backlinks, etc. It costs $12.95 and is worth it. I use it every day.

Visual Ping — Stays in the background and monitors web pages for changes.


Drawing Apps – not Chrome Extensions

The following two apps are not exactly Chrome Extensions. However, they run in your Chrome browser.

Gliffy Diagrams — Chrome App. Draw a flowchart, org chart, UML, ERD, network diagram, wireframe, BPMN, and other diagrams.

UML Diagram Editor — Chrome App. Generate UML diagrams from text.


Email Tracking

Yesware Email Tracking — See who opens your emails and clicks on your links. Free trial.

Sidekick by HubSpot — See who opens and clicks on your emails.


Note Taking

Evernote Web Clipper — Save things you see on the web into your Evernote account.

Feedly Mini — Keeps you connected to your Feedly, allowing you to archive, tag, share or subscribe to the great content you find each day.

Sidenotes — The simplest way to annotate the web. Very useful.


Keyword Search

Discussions button for Google Search — Adds back the discussions button to Google search results, which enables you to search forums and message boards.

Keywords Everywhere — Free Keyword Tool to view search volume and CPC at Google Analytics, Search Console, UberSuggest, Soovle & more.

Word Highlight — Keywords highlight for Google Search.



Adblock Plus — Blocks ALL annoying ads, malware, and tracking.

OneTab — Convert all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.

Scraper  Gets data out of web pages and into spreadsheets.

Session Buddy — A session manager for your browser. Save open tabs and restore them later.

Share link via email — Adds a button and context menu item to send the page or a link via email.

SimpleExtManager — Manage your Chrome extensions. Enable, disable and access options.

The Great Suspender — Automatically suspends unused tabs to save computer power.



Bitly — Save, share, and brand your links.

Buffer — Share great content to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn from anywhere on the web, with just one click. Make sure you use the Power Scheduler.

Flip It — Share your favorite articles and posts on FlipBoard. See my FlipBoard Magazines.

Pin It Button  Save creative ideas from around the internet with the correct Pinterest browser button.

Shareaholic — Share & bookmark great content from anywhere on the web with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & 200+ other services.

Sniply — Lets you embed messages into every page you share. It’s the best way to promote yourself while sharing content.



Calculator — Have fast access to a calculator!

History Eraser — Deletes typed URLs, Cache, Cookies, your Download and Browsing History instantly, with just 1-click.

Google Cast — Find and play content on your Chromecast device from your Chrome browser.

Momentum — Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring to do, weather, and inspiration.

Print Friendly & PDF — Save any web page as a PDF. Removes ads, navigation and junk before you print.


Website Related

ColorPick Eyedropper — Select color values from web pages.

Page Ruler — Draw a ruler to get pixel dimensions and positioning, and measure elements on any web page.

WordPress Admin Bar Control — Hide & show the WordPress admin bar with one easy click.

Page load time — Measures page load time and displays it in the toolbar.

Page Analytics (by Google) — Allows you to see how customers interact with your web pages via your Google Analytics account.


Bonus Tip: If you have too many extensions in your toolbar, click the right-hand side of the address bar and drag it to the right.


What other tools make your life better? Please leave your comment below.


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